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Modestos Launches New Menu

Modesto Bistro & Grill will also bring new exciting menus in April, with a twist of modern gastronomy designed for adventurous eaters in Brunei. The cuisine is Spanish Italian fusion with a nod to the Asian taste buds.

Modesto Bistro & Grill is located at Unit 8, 9 & 10, Abraco Building in Jalan Batu Bersurat. For more information, members of the public can contact them at 233 2000.


A favourite among Bruneian diners. Mushroom soup.


Look at that S-Car-Go!


Deep fried Camembert!


Wonderful Antipasto



Best Surfer Pizza. Two thumbs up!







Black Angus Steak

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PastaMania-Brunei Launches New Menu

Pastamania-Brunei has launched a new MENU together with new and exciting dishes that all Pastamaniacs will be delighted to nibble on, starting from classic Italian dishes like Seafood Cartoccio and Shepherd pie to Sizzling baked chicken with rice and even 100% beef burger to name a few, our new MENU boast a wide range of snack items like the popular cheesy Italian bruschetta and Blue cheese clay pot that all will definitely enjoy to savor on before diving in to their main entree, and not to mention additional sweet ending desserts like the Chocolate Mud cake and Brownie with Ice cream.



The new menu comprises of popular items and new dishes, we have retained all best selling dishes and add up popular requests to thrill our growing number of Pastamaniacs, we also include new salads to delight our health conscious patrons.

We are committed to satisfy all our customers’ requests and suggestions that’s why we come up with these new and exciting dishes, our pasta and pizza line will be an adventure for those who crave for new and familiar flavor.

Visit us in one of our 3 branches here in Brunei and gratify your palate.

Times Square Mall: Unit G8a-G10a, Times Square Shopping Centre, Lot 51597 Spg 13-29, Jalan Berakas, Kampong Jaya Setia, Mukim Berakas.

Tel No. 233-S061 / 717-S441

Gadong: Unit 9, Grd Flr. Block H, Abdul Razak Complex, Jalan Gadong.

Tel No. 245-7441

Tanjung Bunut: Unit 1, Grd Flr., Block A lot 3606, Kampong Tanjung Bunut, Mukim Kilanas.

Tel No. 267-1977

PastaMania Delivery Hotline: 233-8000




Food Warriors Assemble!


The BRUNEI FOOD FESTIVAL 2012 kicks off tomorrow at the indoor stadium. It’s one of a kind festive that showcases various culinary styles of Asia particulary South East Asian Foods and Beverages to the public.

Organised by Airtimes Media Management, the festival is supported by the Brunei Tourism and the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.  The official media is the Food Guide and Exclusive Media Partner is Borneo Bulletin and Media Permata. The four-day festival will see daily fun and exciting activities for the public.

The festival will feature two concepts, one of which is the “open concept” allowing visitors to tuck into their meals at the food court area provided by us.  The second concept is the air-con tentage. Just to inform the festive promotion is now in progress and one the NEWS promotion will start in May and it will be in Gadong.  The food festival news will be appear at the LCD MEGA TV at the Gadong Junction before entering the Centrepoint areas.

The major crowd puller during the day will be the 1ST FOOD WARRIOR CHALLENGE.  This FOOD WARRIOR CHALLENGE is open to the public,  fun yet exciting food challenge will see the victor walking away with a BND$500 cash prize.

Apart from that, there are daily lucky draws and many more activities held during the festival. So come on down to the Indoor Stadium Berakas and check it out tomorrow onwards!!

Some of the activities lined up include:

1st Food Warrior Eating Challenge

Participants need to finish the first round of food in a qualifying time in order to get into the FINAL ROUND!

The WINNER will take home a top cash prize of $500.00!

1st BEST Cake Decorator

The Best Cake Decorator will give a chance for the bakers to show their best fondant skill! The most voted will win!

Martabak BEST Flyer

Participant need to know how to fly the martabak higher into the air.  The higher martabak fly, the big chance for you to win!

Tea-Tarik Competition

You need to do a shuffle dance while making the tea tarik. The best Tea-Tarik will win the prizes!

Kids Ice-Cream Eating Challenge

Kids Love Ice Cream! Bring your kids and let them join this fun eating ice-cream challenge and be the winner!

And many more!!! See you there!!!!



Modesto Bistro & Grill


There’s a new kid on the block and its called modesto bistro & grill. Located at Abraco Building in Batu Besurat (right next to Shabulicious & Neometro Furniture) the place is quite huge with a well appointed interior. I quite liked the ID and logo design. The chef is Indonesian and formerly worked in the kitchens of Shangrila Hotel Jakarta.

Part of his repertoire includes such classics like prawn salad, shrimp bisque, steak, lamb cutlets, and grilled salmon. Prices are quite reasonable for this market segment, i.e. young, working professionals and families having a special night out. Give them a call on 2332000 for reservations.