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Nelayan Night at Rizqun Coffeehouse


Seafood lovers! Its baaack! For the entire month of May, The Rizqun Coffee House is having its awesome Nelayan Night Food Promotion featuring assorted seafood which is displayed on a boat.

On offer are mussels, satak, crabs, prawns, sea bass, red snapper, kurisi, duai, bakulan, rumahan, stingray, squid, and lots more which are procured FRESH DAILY.

All you need to do is choose what you fancy and tell the chef how you want it cooked, e.g. steamed with soy sauce, masak lemak, rebus kuning, mango sauce, buttermilk, and even sambal menangis!

The promotion is available at $25 per adult and $12.50 per child. Except for Saturday and Sunday, every night is “Nelayan Night” till 10:30pm. For enquiries and reservations, call the Rizqun Coffeehouse at 2423000.









Taty’s Burgers hit the spot. Period.

Although relatively new on the foodie scene, Taty’s Café in Muara has already achieved  cult-like status among local burger afficionados. Even self-styled gourmet Thanis wrote about it!

Its easy to see why when you visit the unassuming place. The few folding tables and stools which are set-up around the place tell you that this place is mainly for tapau. Even the drinks are self-service straight from the fridge. No long lunches or milk-shake dates here. You just order your food, eat quickly and go back about your daily business.

On the walls and around the counter, you can read all sorts of scribbles from customers while you wait for your order. Read fast though… cos these folks work fast!

From Taty’s FB page:

We are Open Daily from 11.00 a.m – 10.00 p.m Providing Yummy Food for the Tummy! 😀 Yes although we R far, but it’s worth the drive. Come down to see what muara has to offer! Great Food and Beautiful Beaches! Open-mouthed smile




Beard Papa’s Fresh’n natural cream puffs!


Beard Papa’s is an international chain of cream puff stores started in Japan by the company Mugino Co., Ltd. Their slogan is "Fresh’n natural cream puffs". Beard Papa’s has over 250 stores in Japan and 300 worldwide. Make that 301 with the opening of the Brunei store at The Mall in Gadong.

Their trademark product is a choux pastry shell filled with whipped cream custard, available in vanilla, chocolate, and specialty flavors such as green tea, strawberry, pumpkin, Earl Grey tea, éclair, and coffee. In addition, Hawaii locations also have haupia, lilikoi, and caramel flavors. The different flavors are sold on a rotating schedule. I’m told for Brunei, there will be Durian flavor soon… YUMMMMZZZ!




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Something special is coming to Deals!


Last night was the first time I set foot in the Radisson Hotel since it changed management from Sheraton. Some subtle changes were visible both outside and inside the building, but the interior decor of the new and improved Deals restaurant was verrry nice indeed! Perfect place for an evening of fine dining in an intimate and cosy setting. I like!

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