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Indonesian Food Night at Rizqun Coffeehouse


Enjoy Indonesian Food Night during the November dinner buffet promotion by Rizqun Coffee House (RCH) in Gadong.

A wide spread of authentic Indonesian delicacies featuring a combination of herbs and spices from many of Indonesian provinces will tantalise patrons’ dining experiences. Patrons will also have the opportunity to see a live cooking demonstration by skilful RCH chefs.

Begin the dinner buffet experience by trying some of the appetisers and salad dishes. Here, patrons can try a mixed lettuce, Garbanjo Beans, Aneka Lalaban, Salad Buah Kalengan, Salad Sayuran Cumi served with peanut sauce, Asinan Buah, Salad Soun and Salad Keripik Ubi.



As most Indonesian food are a mixture of spicy, sweet and aromatic flavours, patrons should first try the Chef’s signature noodles including Mee Nyemek, Mee Tek Tek and Mee Jawa. These three signature noodles were inspired by Jogjakarta, one of the provinces in Indonesia. Unlike other normal fried noodles, the three signature chef’s noodles are prepared with Ayam Kampung, dried prawns, chicken Stock, chili pickles, sawi, bean sprouts, tomatoes and boiled eggs to enrich the gravy

Meanwhile, patrons also should bring their plates at the Makanan Botram stall. Here, patrons may experience interesting delicacies that features combination of flavours from Javanese provinces, Acheh and other areas. Makanan Botram is popularly served when the villagers organise community works such as cleaning campaign, weddings and gatherings. Most of the food are ‘cooked with a simple recipe and served on banana leaves that can accommodate up to 10 persons.

These Makanan Botram includes Tempe Bacem, Kentang Kering Mustofa, Urap Daun Singkong, Urap Engkol, Gudeg Kering Yogya, Sambel Terasi, Tempe Orek, Sambal Goring Hati, Bala Bala, Asigan Mangga and Asinan Kedondong.



An Indonesian dining experience will not complete without Penyet Stall. At RCH, patrons may choose to try Ayam Penyet or Bebek Goreng Penyet that comes with Nasi Gurih Liwet. To enhance the flavour of the savoury penyet recipe, assorted sauces such as Sambal Terasi, Sambal Ijo, Sambal Lado Mudo, Sambal Kelasan, Sambal Menangis, Sambal Goang and Sambal Kicap are prepared to challenge patrons’ tastebud.

After enjoying the Indonesian delicacies, patrons should try the sweet and savoury Martabak Acheh served with condiments like Achar Mentah, Kuah Cuko and Sambal Lampung.

To end the dining experience, pamper the sweet-tooth by enjoying Roti Monas and Es Doger for desserts.

The Indonesian Food Night is available from Monday to Friday and priced at $25.00 per adult and $15.00 per child. Dinner is ready from 6.30pm onwards until 10pm.






Sungkai Ramadhan At The Empire Hotel & Country Club

Sungkai Ramadhan at The Empire Hotel & Country Club is something to look forward to this year especially with an addition of Pantai and Li Gong in the list for Sungkai promotion.

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Atrium Café‘s Sungkai is themed as Ala Minang, or widely known as Minangkabau, an Indonesia style cuisine. Only B$28 per adult and B$14 per child, plus 10% service charge, the Sungkai offer Atrium Café is available throughout month of Ramadhan with sumptuous and nutritious Sungkai spread.

05-2013-07-12 18.06.33

Expect flavourful appetisers such as Gado-Gado salad and acar buah-buahan, kerabu ayam pedas, kerabu perut, kerabu manga muda. Tasty bubur lambuk, lontong padang, aneka sate Soto Ayam Soto Betawi. Traditional sumptuous tender beef oxtail chunks in rich slow-cooked oxtail broth, Soto Padang and Soup Tekwan.

26-2013-07-12 18.35.33

Over at the main course, there’s delicious spread of beef rendang, dendang Balado, ayam gulai, ayam goring balado, ayam bakar kemangi, ayam goring kalasan, ayam pop, asam pedas ikan tenggiri, chilli crab, fried spiced crab, sambal sotong, pepes sotong and many more.

To end your meal, indulge in these desserts of bubur pulut hitam, kuih lapis lengit, kuih getuk lindri, kuih mangkuk, dadar gulung, kuih lopis, bubur durian and bubur nangka.

01-2013-07-12 18.04.56

Meanwhile, at Pantai feast on a Mediterranean themed cuisine at B$48 per person plus 10% service charge, available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Li Gong will feature All You Can Eat from 1st day of Ramadhan to 22nd July for just B$22 per person and Hot Pot Buffet at Li Gong will be available from 23rd July to 8th August at B$25 per person.

If you opt for light meals and delicious takeaways, visit the Aneka Juadah Ramadhan at Zest, level 5. Indulge in unique traditional cakes, savouries and also Spaghettini’s popular freshly made pizzas.

B$1 of every bill will be donated to DANA Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah Untuk Anak–Anak Yatim.

During this promotion, selected Baiduri cardholders are entitled to exclusive 25% discount off dining – Baiduri Empire Infinite, Baiduri Visa Infinite and Baiduri Platinum cardholders. Earn triple Royal Skies miles when dining during this promotion at The Empire Hotel & Country Club and stand a chance of winning lucky draw prizes.

For more information about Sungkai Ramadhan at The Empire Hotel & Country Club please call 241 7700 or 241 8888.

RBC Amazing ASEAN Food Festival at Airport Restaurant

Amazing Asean Food Festival 


Chefs of The Airport Restaurant showcasing the Asean Food Festival Buffet Dinner, 6:30pm to 10:00pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday till 28th April2013.

The buffet priced at B$29.90 per adult and B$15.00 per child. RBC Dining Privilege Card members get special discounted price at B$26.91 per adult and B$13.50 per child upon presenting their DPC.


Trying out the Amazing Asean Food Festival at the Airport Restaurant @royalbruneicatering #LoveFoodHateWaste #YummyInMyTummy #Brunei #Andrography #InstaBruDroid





Popular dishes from ten countries namely Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are available in the buffet rotation menus which include Brunei Kolo Mee, Cambodian Eggplant with Beef, Indonesian Dumplings in Sweet Ginger Soup, Laos Cashew Chicken, Malaysian Chili Mussel, Burmese Lamb Yogurt, Filipino Paella De Madrid, Singapore Nasi Bukhari, Thai Tamarind Mussel and Vietnamese Fish and Pineapple Stew.

For reservations, please call: The Airport Restaurant (Tel: 233 1853/233 9207) from 7am to 11pm

Food Warriors Assemble!


The BRUNEI FOOD FESTIVAL 2012 kicks off tomorrow at the indoor stadium. It’s one of a kind festive that showcases various culinary styles of Asia particulary South East Asian Foods and Beverages to the public.

Organised by Airtimes Media Management, the festival is supported by the Brunei Tourism and the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources.  The official media is the Food Guide and Exclusive Media Partner is Borneo Bulletin and Media Permata. The four-day festival will see daily fun and exciting activities for the public.

The festival will feature two concepts, one of which is the “open concept” allowing visitors to tuck into their meals at the food court area provided by us.  The second concept is the air-con tentage. Just to inform the festive promotion is now in progress and one the NEWS promotion will start in May and it will be in Gadong.  The food festival news will be appear at the LCD MEGA TV at the Gadong Junction before entering the Centrepoint areas.

The major crowd puller during the day will be the 1ST FOOD WARRIOR CHALLENGE.  This FOOD WARRIOR CHALLENGE is open to the public,  fun yet exciting food challenge will see the victor walking away with a BND$500 cash prize.

Apart from that, there are daily lucky draws and many more activities held during the festival. So come on down to the Indoor Stadium Berakas and check it out tomorrow onwards!!

Some of the activities lined up include:

1st Food Warrior Eating Challenge

Participants need to finish the first round of food in a qualifying time in order to get into the FINAL ROUND!

The WINNER will take home a top cash prize of $500.00!

1st BEST Cake Decorator

The Best Cake Decorator will give a chance for the bakers to show their best fondant skill! The most voted will win!

Martabak BEST Flyer

Participant need to know how to fly the martabak higher into the air.  The higher martabak fly, the big chance for you to win!

Tea-Tarik Competition

You need to do a shuffle dance while making the tea tarik. The best Tea-Tarik will win the prizes!

Kids Ice-Cream Eating Challenge

Kids Love Ice Cream! Bring your kids and let them join this fun eating ice-cream challenge and be the winner!

And many more!!! See you there!!!!



Fiery Ayam Penyet AP Opens in Brunei


Ayam Penyet is a traditional Indonesian cuisine which originates from Surabaya. It is a popular chicken dish where the fresh chicken is specially marinated with various spices and herbs . The meat is then smashed with a wooden headed hammer and deep fried until golden light brown.

In Brunei, this dish has gained a loyal following among diners, both local and foreign. Everyone has their favorites and heated discussions can be had over who serves the best ayam penyet in town.

Last night the foodie gang and I checked out the new Ayam Penyet player in town, Restoran Ayam Penyet AP. The restaurant is located at Gadong Central, which is quickly becoming a new foodie haven in BSB. The food lived up to its name. Fiery! But delicious at the same time!

The restaurant officially opens today and if you’re in the mood for some fiery sambal, then come on down and give this place a try! Its located at Units 20 & 21, Ground Floor Block B, Gadong Central. Call 2427342 for reservations.



Ayam Penyet AP Signature Dish


Rendang Sapi. A Minangkabau dish traditionally prepared during festive occasions.


Dendeng Balado. Thin slices of beef marinated with spices, stew and deep fried.


Empal Penyet. Beef stewed with brown sugar and coconut milk and deep fried.


Bebek Bengil. Deep fried duck with Balinese original spices.


Pecel Lele. Deep fried catfish. Yum.


Pari Bakar. Grilled Stingray.


After all that fiery chili, cool off with a variety of drinks. I had the white coffee with cincau.


This fruity dessert was also very refreshing.


ABC with Icecream

Sri Lembayung Padang Cuisine


Sri Lembayung Restaurant recently opened its doors for business in Kiulap. Farah Abdullah, the owner of the restaurant, said that Sri Lembayung – which means paddy and violet – hires chefs from Jakarta with 10 years’ working experience. It also imports a number of their ingredients from Indonesia.

According to Farah, she had previously invited the media, local bloggers, and Indonesian friends for a food tasting session and their feedbacks were generally positive. There are more than 40 different dishes for customers to try, which means that there are always options to choose from whether you prefer your food spicy or not.

Also on offer at the restaurant is the family karaoke section where families can spend time together after their meal. There are also entertainment for children’s birthdays and after wedding ‘ambil-ambilan’ party services available.

“I wish to expand the business, opening more branches soon, hoping that this kind of family entertainment set up is accepted and supported by customers here so I pray for Allah SWT’s blessings,” said Farah.

To maintain its high quality the owner meticulously oversees its preparations and how it is served so as to bring originality and similar enjoyable experiences to all her customers.

Sri Lembayung Authentic Padang Food Restaurant is located at A2 ground floor Seri Purnama Complex, Kiulap.



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