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Indonesian Food Night at Rizqun Coffeehouse


Enjoy Indonesian Food Night during the November dinner buffet promotion by Rizqun Coffee House (RCH) in Gadong.

A wide spread of authentic Indonesian delicacies featuring a combination of herbs and spices from many of Indonesian provinces will tantalise patrons’ dining experiences. Patrons will also have the opportunity to see a live cooking demonstration by skilful RCH chefs.

Begin the dinner buffet experience by trying some of the appetisers and salad dishes. Here, patrons can try a mixed lettuce, Garbanjo Beans, Aneka Lalaban, Salad Buah Kalengan, Salad Sayuran Cumi served with peanut sauce, Asinan Buah, Salad Soun and Salad Keripik Ubi.



As most Indonesian food are a mixture of spicy, sweet and aromatic flavours, patrons should first try the Chef’s signature noodles including Mee Nyemek, Mee Tek Tek and Mee Jawa. These three signature noodles were inspired by Jogjakarta, one of the provinces in Indonesia. Unlike other normal fried noodles, the three signature chef’s noodles are prepared with Ayam Kampung, dried prawns, chicken Stock, chili pickles, sawi, bean sprouts, tomatoes and boiled eggs to enrich the gravy

Meanwhile, patrons also should bring their plates at the Makanan Botram stall. Here, patrons may experience interesting delicacies that features combination of flavours from Javanese provinces, Acheh and other areas. Makanan Botram is popularly served when the villagers organise community works such as cleaning campaign, weddings and gatherings. Most of the food are ‘cooked with a simple recipe and served on banana leaves that can accommodate up to 10 persons.

These Makanan Botram includes Tempe Bacem, Kentang Kering Mustofa, Urap Daun Singkong, Urap Engkol, Gudeg Kering Yogya, Sambel Terasi, Tempe Orek, Sambal Goring Hati, Bala Bala, Asigan Mangga and Asinan Kedondong.



An Indonesian dining experience will not complete without Penyet Stall. At RCH, patrons may choose to try Ayam Penyet or Bebek Goreng Penyet that comes with Nasi Gurih Liwet. To enhance the flavour of the savoury penyet recipe, assorted sauces such as Sambal Terasi, Sambal Ijo, Sambal Lado Mudo, Sambal Kelasan, Sambal Menangis, Sambal Goang and Sambal Kicap are prepared to challenge patrons’ tastebud.

After enjoying the Indonesian delicacies, patrons should try the sweet and savoury Martabak Acheh served with condiments like Achar Mentah, Kuah Cuko and Sambal Lampung.

To end the dining experience, pamper the sweet-tooth by enjoying Roti Monas and Es Doger for desserts.

The Indonesian Food Night is available from Monday to Friday and priced at $25.00 per adult and $15.00 per child. Dinner is ready from 6.30pm onwards until 10pm.