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Rizqun Gongxi Promo


Rizqun Coffee House has announced that it will be hosting a Chinese New Year’s eve dinner menu for those who are looking to welcome the Year of the Dragon with family and friends in style.

For $28 per adult and $14 per child, the special menu will consist of a wider range of appetisers, ranging from the lemongrass glass noodles Chinese beef salad and an assorted of mixed oriental salad, just to name a few.

One will also have a choice of starting off with Chinese-themed soups such as the five treasure soup or wintermelon soup with chicken.

For the main course, you can choose from dishes such as the lotus rice with shiitake mushroom and scallion or those from one of the four stalls set up for the night.

During this festive celebration, the “yee sang” will also be featured on the menu, and which will be intricately designed for patrons to toss high for good luck and prosperity for the new year.

There will also be an “all you can eat” section, which will include beef, lamb, chicken, fish, prawn and vegetarian.

Furthermore, on the Chinese New Year’s day itself, the Mongolian teppanyaki will be specially featured for $20 per adult and $10 per child.

As for dinner, a steamboat meal will be served for only $25 per adult and $12.50 per child.

Contact The Rizqun Coffeehouse at 2423000 ext 7811 to place a reservation for you and your family and friends now.

The Brunei Times


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