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Pantaran Salai Ala Brunei at Rizqun International


COME along and delight your belly with another edition of Rizqun Coffee House’s delectable menus with the theme ‘Pantaran Salai Ala Brunei’.

Begin with an appetiser of salad mixes or platters of delicious traditional meat dishes such as PaisAyam, Terung Bakar, Pais Daging or Pais Udang.

Or how about the choices of Kerabu such as the Sotong Tutuk, Hati Buyah, Mango, Tang Hoon, corn,Kupang, spicy cucumber, eggs, salty fish, salty eggs or mixed fruits as well as crispies.

For those whose palates are craving for something extra, try out the ‘Pantaran Gorang-Goreng’ that includes fried bananas, fried prawns, cakoi goreng with coconut jam or peanut butter, keropok lekor,popia and dip them into an assortment of sauces, namely chili sauce, tomato sauce and Thai sweet chili sauce.

Also from the Coffee House Kitchen is the ‘Pantaran Ambuyat’, where you can have the infamousambuyat, and dip them into a number of ‘cacahs’ such as Mambangan, Cincalok, Binjai, Budu.Tempoyak, Sambal Mangga, Sambal Belacan or the Tahai soup. For the adventurous, instead of one ‘cacah’, you could mix a few and see where it takes you!

The Chinese Kitchen presents the ‘Pantaran Soto’, which includes Tulang Rusuk, Berubut, Hati Buyah, IsiAyam, Isi Daging, Tauge, Sawi Hijau, Mee Taitong and Mee Hoon.

The ‘Pantaran Salai’ offers a selection of grilled food such as Satay Ayam, Satay Daging, Satay Urat,Satay Udang, Satay Hati, Satay Sosej, Kambing Sali, Tenggiri Sali and squid.

And last but not least, the ‘Pantaran Rebus Putih Dan Sayuran’ from Coffee House Kitchen offers a choice of Kol Bulat, Kacang Panjang, Kol China, Aneka Cendawan, Pakis and Kang Kong for customers’ choice.

So come one, come all!

Rizqun Coffee House is located on the ground floor of The Mall, Gadong.

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