OGH Taste of India Promo


DO YOU have a taste for Indian cuisine?

If you just can’t get enough of good Indian cuisine, head down to Orchid Garden Hotel in Anggerek Desa where Chef Kamal and Chef Shukur whet your appetite with mouthwatering and delectable treats and flavours from Northern India for everyone to enjoy.

The Indian Food Promotion started yesterday and will be ongoing until November 12 at the Goldiana Cafe and Lounge.

For adults the price per person is $20.80 and just $12.80 for children below 12 years old.

Among the number of delicacies available at the cafe are the Prata Corner where Dosai and Chapatti is cooked and served with your choice of dhall and curry.

Let’s start off with main dishes where you will be treated to various staples such as steamed fragrant rice, Indian fried noodles, Croquette ‘masala’, crispy squid ‘chilli and pepper’ and the fish curry ‘Lanka style’.

For those who are up for a spicy adventure, there is the roasted lamb leg with spices and yoghurt, the Indian omelette and the ever popular Briyani rice among others.

There are also stalls that prepare specialised dishes such as the Fritters stall where you can find pakoras, wade, samosa, muruku and puri. In stall number two, you can have the Kortu with condiments such as onion, egg, green chilli or curry sauce.

Don’t miss out on the rice cakes at stall three and also try out their assorted peanut ‘Indian style’ such as the fried green bean, fried channa bean, cashew nut, peanut, mix muruku, kidney bean masala, green bean masala or the chickpeas masala at stall four.

Have a Chendol with ice cream with ingredients such as red bean, kidney bean, glutinous rice ball and many others.

For soup lovers, you might want to try the Mulligatowny soup, Spiced Mutton soup or Fiery rasam soup.

If you’re looking to finish off with some dessert, why not check out the three types of assorted cakes served at the cafe such as the pandan kaya cake, pineapple upside down or the ever popular carrot cake.

There are also the vermicelli pudding, mini fruit tartlet pie and creme brulee available.

The Brunei Times