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Ligong Launches New Menu


Ligong recently launched their new ala carte menu and their all you can eat menu. The all you can eat deals which were previously only on Wednesday and Thursday nights is now available all week (except Mondays when Ligong is closed). There are now 3 different menus which will be offered on alternate days. Pricing has also been revised to make it more affordable, which is AWESOME for us customers!



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Silla Korean Restaurant


Although an acquired taste with its bold and spicy flavours, Korean cuisine is slowly garnering a following in Brunei. To date there are probably a handful of Korean restaurants in town.A couple of nights ago, da missus and I checked out this new Korean restaurant called Silla which just opened down the road from our house.

For those of you familiar with the Jangsak area, Silla is located where JS Big Prawn Noodles used to be. From the outside it looks like the new owners put in a lot of resources into the renovations. It looks totally different in a good way. A lot more inviting with dark timber framed windows and timber flooring as well. The ambience is very good with tasteful interior deco in a Korean theme. There are 3 private rooms for those who want to have a private dinner function.

The menu is pretty standard with typical Korean favourites like Kimchi Jigae, Bibimbap, Galbi Jim, Bulgogi and many others. The side dishes which are typical served with the main meal included favourites like Kimchi of course, but there were two different types. The typical red chill one and a white no-chili variety which was quite nice really.

Since there were only two of us, we only managed to try the galbi jim and kimchi jiggae. The galbi jim comes in a  large serve only (good for two or three people) at B$30.00 per serve. It was nice and tender even though damissus said the ribs tasted “frozen”. I found it quite good. The kimchi jiggae had a distinctive flavour which we never tasted in other kimchi stews. I can’t place the flavour but its darn good!

Some folks have mentioned that service is a little slow, but that night it was pretty snappy, so I guess its inconsistent experience. Do give it a go and let me know what you think!


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Pantaran Salai Ala Brunei at Rizqun International


COME along and delight your belly with another edition of Rizqun Coffee House’s delectable menus with the theme ‘Pantaran Salai Ala Brunei’.

Begin with an appetiser of salad mixes or platters of delicious traditional meat dishes such as PaisAyam, Terung Bakar, Pais Daging or Pais Udang.

Or how about the choices of Kerabu such as the Sotong Tutuk, Hati Buyah, Mango, Tang Hoon, corn,Kupang, spicy cucumber, eggs, salty fish, salty eggs or mixed fruits as well as crispies.

For those whose palates are craving for something extra, try out the ‘Pantaran Gorang-Goreng’ that includes fried bananas, fried prawns, cakoi goreng with coconut jam or peanut butter, keropok lekor,popia and dip them into an assortment of sauces, namely chili sauce, tomato sauce and Thai sweet chili sauce.

Also from the Coffee House Kitchen is the ‘Pantaran Ambuyat’, where you can have the infamousambuyat, and dip them into a number of ‘cacahs’ such as Mambangan, Cincalok, Binjai, Budu.Tempoyak, Sambal Mangga, Sambal Belacan or the Tahai soup. For the adventurous, instead of one ‘cacah’, you could mix a few and see where it takes you!

The Chinese Kitchen presents the ‘Pantaran Soto’, which includes Tulang Rusuk, Berubut, Hati Buyah, IsiAyam, Isi Daging, Tauge, Sawi Hijau, Mee Taitong and Mee Hoon.

The ‘Pantaran Salai’ offers a selection of grilled food such as Satay Ayam, Satay Daging, Satay Urat,Satay Udang, Satay Hati, Satay Sosej, Kambing Sali, Tenggiri Sali and squid.

And last but not least, the ‘Pantaran Rebus Putih Dan Sayuran’ from Coffee House Kitchen offers a choice of Kol Bulat, Kacang Panjang, Kol China, Aneka Cendawan, Pakis and Kang Kong for customers’ choice.

So come one, come all!

Rizqun Coffee House is located on the ground floor of The Mall, Gadong.

The Brunei Times


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Jom Makan! RBC Malaysian Food Festival


The festival, which runs between October 27 and November 9, will see various popular signature dishes from various Malaysian states such as Briyani rice from Johor and sour and spicy fish from Melaka among many more.

During the two-week promotion, patrons will have the chance to enjoy the lunch (12pm-2pm) and dinner (7pm-10pm) buffet at the Airport Restaurant daily at B$19.90 per adult and B$10 per child as well as B$29.90 per adult and B$15 per child respectively.

In addition, the Malaysian Food will also feature at the Season’s Restaurant where it focusses on ala carte menus.

In conjunction with the festival, two Malaysian-the ‘Teh Tank King’, Mr Meor and Caricaturist, Mr Jack – were flown to the Sultanate from Kuala Lumpur to entertain all diners during the lunch or dinner buffets.

Patrons are also eligible to win 12 lucky draw prizes sponsored by Tourism Malaysia, Ri-Yaz Hotels & Resort Sdn Bhd and Century Travel.

Exclusive discounts will be made available for BIBD cardholders during this promotional period with MasterCard Gold owners enjoying 10 per cent discount, while MasterCard Classic and debit card owners can enjoy eight per cent off their dining bills.

For reservations and information contact the Airport Restaurant at 2339207 or 2331853 and Season’s Restaurant at 2422291/2.




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Sri Lembayung Padang Cuisine


Sri Lembayung Restaurant recently opened its doors for business in Kiulap. Farah Abdullah, the owner of the restaurant, said that Sri Lembayung – which means paddy and violet – hires chefs from Jakarta with 10 years’ working experience. It also imports a number of their ingredients from Indonesia.

According to Farah, she had previously invited the media, local bloggers, and Indonesian friends for a food tasting session and their feedbacks were generally positive. There are more than 40 different dishes for customers to try, which means that there are always options to choose from whether you prefer your food spicy or not.

Also on offer at the restaurant is the family karaoke section where families can spend time together after their meal. There are also entertainment for children’s birthdays and after wedding ‘ambil-ambilan’ party services available.

“I wish to expand the business, opening more branches soon, hoping that this kind of family entertainment set up is accepted and supported by customers here so I pray for Allah SWT’s blessings,” said Farah.

To maintain its high quality the owner meticulously oversees its preparations and how it is served so as to bring originality and similar enjoyable experiences to all her customers.

Sri Lembayung Authentic Padang Food Restaurant is located at A2 ground floor Seri Purnama Complex, Kiulap.



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OGH Taste of India Promo


DO YOU have a taste for Indian cuisine?

If you just can’t get enough of good Indian cuisine, head down to Orchid Garden Hotel in Anggerek Desa where Chef Kamal and Chef Shukur whet your appetite with mouthwatering and delectable treats and flavours from Northern India for everyone to enjoy.

The Indian Food Promotion started yesterday and will be ongoing until November 12 at the Goldiana Cafe and Lounge.

For adults the price per person is $20.80 and just $12.80 for children below 12 years old.

Among the number of delicacies available at the cafe are the Prata Corner where Dosai and Chapatti is cooked and served with your choice of dhall and curry.

Let’s start off with main dishes where you will be treated to various staples such as steamed fragrant rice, Indian fried noodles, Croquette ‘masala’, crispy squid ‘chilli and pepper’ and the fish curry ‘Lanka style’.

For those who are up for a spicy adventure, there is the roasted lamb leg with spices and yoghurt, the Indian omelette and the ever popular Briyani rice among others.

There are also stalls that prepare specialised dishes such as the Fritters stall where you can find pakoras, wade, samosa, muruku and puri. In stall number two, you can have the Kortu with condiments such as onion, egg, green chilli or curry sauce.

Don’t miss out on the rice cakes at stall three and also try out their assorted peanut ‘Indian style’ such as the fried green bean, fried channa bean, cashew nut, peanut, mix muruku, kidney bean masala, green bean masala or the chickpeas masala at stall four.

Have a Chendol with ice cream with ingredients such as red bean, kidney bean, glutinous rice ball and many others.

For soup lovers, you might want to try the Mulligatowny soup, Spiced Mutton soup or Fiery rasam soup.

If you’re looking to finish off with some dessert, why not check out the three types of assorted cakes served at the cafe such as the pandan kaya cake, pineapple upside down or the ever popular carrot cake.

There are also the vermicelli pudding, mini fruit tartlet pie and creme brulee available.

The Brunei Times




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